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Besuch aus England


David and Maureen come for breakfast


After a very pleasant breakfast last year, theclass6 b from the girls’ school in Volkach decided to invite Emily’s English grandparents again. Before their arrival on 11th November theclasswere very excited.

There was a lot to do. Theclassrearranged the tables with help from Mrs Feiler, drew an English flag on the blackboard and a lot of girls had baked ca kes or muffins.

After their welcoming the children had a lot of questions to ask. For example:

How are you?

How was your flight?

Do you like our German Christmas Markets?

Once the questions were answered the English teacher Mrs Feiler opened the tasty breakfast buffet. The children hope to see David and Maureen again before theclasssplits next year!


Text von Emily Hedges, 22.12. 2014

Fotos: Herr Hedges