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Our school trip to Utzwingen near Nördlingen


On a beautiful Tuesday morning our 3 day trip started. Everybody met at the bus station as the bus arrived. Ourclassseemed to be very excited. Mrs Girwidz had decided to spend the 3 days with us in a youth hostel in Utzwingen.
Day 1
As we arrived we chose our rooms and then met at the fire place. After a short talk we started to prepare our lunch. Around 3 pm we played some fun games until it was time for dinner. Of course we had to cook our own dinner so we split up into six groups. Each group had the same ingredients: five-six potatoes, two-three eggs and some vegetables. The food doesn't heat itself so we had to light the fire. At 10 pm we all met at the big stone and went for a walk in the dark with our lanterns.
Day 2
We spent our second day in a nearby village at a church. In the church's attic we played team games like climbing a rope ladder and keeping our balance on an iron bar. Between these activities we had to make our food. When we arrived back at the house we lived in we had a short break until we made dinner.
Day 3
The third and last day came, so we had to go back home. Until the bus arrived we waited in a big room and talked about our trip.
In my opinion the trip was a good little break for all of us.

Written by Iulia Sanda, 7b, born and educated in Romania and now at our school.
Photos by Wanda Girwidz